Beautiful Handmade Post-It® Note Books

These small hand made books will easily fit in your purse or on your desk. They hold a standard 3”X3” post it book and are refillable. They are made with hand painted paper and are 3 3/8” X 3 3/8”.

Post-It Note holders in decorative book covers, group photo.

All Post-It note books are $10 each.
Free shipping on orders over $40.

Blue and purple paint wash on this hand-made book

Tan Apple Blossom Post-It

Copper Colored Post-It


Purple Marbled Post-It Note

Gold Squares & Black Post-It Note


Blue & Gold with Blue Clothe Spine Post-It Note Book

Brown Fern Post-It Note Book


Gold, Pink & Grey Marbled Post-It Note Book

Marbled with Black Clothe Spine Post It Book


Blue with Gold dots, Clothe Spine Post-It Note Book

Mauve Maple Leaf Post It Book


Burgundy and Gold Marble, Clothe Spine Post-It Note Book

Grey Blue, Clothe Spine Post It Book


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