Yaquina Bay Light notecard

Yaquina Bay Light

Newport, Oregon - Built in 1871

Built on a hill at the north entrance of Yaquina Bay, this lighthouse
was lit on November 3, 1871. Less than three years later, its light was put out.
This was one of the shortest terms of active service for any lighthouse
in history. The Lighthouse Board had decided to build another lighthouse at
Cape Foulweather, well to the north of Yaquina Bay. But it was accidentally built
little more then three miles from Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. The Yaquina Head Light
was more powerful then the Yaquina Bay Light, so the Yaquina Bay Light
was turned off. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse has been inactive for
more than a century but is now fully restored and is a beautiful museum
filled with 19th century furnishings and artifacts.



By Gail Borgman McGuire ©2008